Initial project ideas – Cailean

1) I would like to study the adoption of OERs in courses at City Tech from the students’ and instructors’ point of view. This would include designing the research/qualitative study including survey questions and methodology and submitting for IRB approval. I would also be looking into different digital publishing platforms for options to display the research findings.
2) There are a number of course sites on City Tech’s OpenLab site, a CMS based on WordPress (similar to the CUNY Academic Commons and Blogs at Baruch), and I’d like to think of ways to promote embedded librarianess through those course sites. I think it would be an interesting approach based on the potential for this platform to afford learners a more seamless academic experience, from students in traditional to hybrid, or online learning environments. Perhaps this could be achieved through creating or modifying an existing plugin/widget that could replicate something like the “ask a librarian” format. A less technical approach would be to supply the code and instructions for professors to add a tab in their WordPress theme with library information tailored to the discipline of study but then there are concerns like link rot and currency.
3) The librarian’s collection development responsibilities can include a lot of rote work- sifting through vendor lists and academic reviews; selections are not made off of approval plans. I know there already exist methods to automate these processes but they require knowledge I’m not yet knowledgeable with: specific engagement with programming languages, perhaps text mining processes as well. Another aim would be to scrutinize existing methods and adopt them. This could be advantageous not only as a workflow for collection development, but also has potential in the realm of marketing new acquisitions to instructors and students in discipline specific areas.